Corporate Law

We assist our clients in the formation and structuring of their businesses, as well as their transactions, in the following areas:

Choice of Entity
We review with the client the benefits and drawbacks of the various forms of entity and assist in a determination of choice of entity.
Company Structure
We counsel the client in the matter of structuring the entity chosen so that it suits the client's needs and provides maximum protection from liability with a minimum of taxation.
Corporate Governance
We represent companies on corporate governance matters and matters where there are potential conflicts of interest, including transactions with insiders and management buyout proposals.
Start-Up Companies
We represent start-up companies in growth industries, as well as the investors in those companies. We are involved from corporate formation and structure, shareholder agreements, employment agreements and compensation packages, the development of policy manuals, office procedures, obtaining seed capital, venture capital and later-stage growth capital, including initial public offerings, and formulating business plans and strategies.
Joint Ventures and Formation of Strategic Alliances
We have experience in planning business relationships between two or more entities that desire to work together to achieve a common purpose, with an emphasis in the new media, Internet and communications industries.
We can assist licensors and licensees in granting, or obtaining, licensing agreements in the areas of software technology, trademark and other intellectual property.
Trademark and Copyright
We can file trademark and copyright applications to protect the holder's claims and obtain certain protections afforded by federal statutes.
Sale of business
We counsel companies, and management, in the best way to structure the sale of the bulk assets and goodwill of a company, as well as a sale of the controlling stock interest.
We are experienced in initiating litigation to enforce contractual rights of the corporate client, as well as defending a corporate client against legal claims.
Outside General Counsel
We serve as outside general counsel for clients in a variety of fields including: advertising, finance, entertainment, finance, information technology, manufacturing, media, publishing, real estate, retail, and telecommunications.