Commonly Referenced Real Estate Statutes and Regulations

The following are some commonly used real estate related code provisions:

California Code of Civil Procedure Sections 697.310-697.330 - Judgment Liens

California Civil Code Sections 3439.01-3439.03 - California Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act (Definitions)

California Civil Code Section 3439.04 - Fraudulent Transfers (actual intent and constructive)

California Civil Code Section 3439.07 - Fraudulent Transfers (available remedies)

California Civil Code Sections 3439.08-3439.09 - Fraudulent Transfers (statute of limitations and bona fide purchasers)

California Civil Code Sections 405.20-405.24 - Notices of Pendency of Action (aka Lis Pendens)

California Code of Civil Procedure Sections 760.020-760.050 - Superior Court Jurisdiction in Quiet Title Actions

California Evidence Code Sections 660-668 - Some Commonly Used Evidentiary Presumptions

California Civil Code Sections 801 and 801.5 - Types of Easements

26 U.S.C. 1031 - Like-Kind Exchanges

26 U.S.C. 460 - Percentage of Completion and Completed Contract Methods of Accounting

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